Houston Document Shredding – Why a Shred-All Policy Makes Sense

Sensitive documents flood every business in Houston, whether you’re a large corporation or a small family-owned business. Data is what keeps a company informed, organized, and successful. It’s essentially the lifeblood of every company! Because of the vital role it plays, the risk of lost or stolen information could lead to potential devastating effects for […]

The Advantages of Secure Offsite Record Storage in Houston

If your business is like the majority of Houston businesses, chances are you circulate and store a remarkably high volume of paper on a daily basis. What’s the concern here? The information you keep stored away in filing cabinets and employee desks is generally comprised of private data.  If files go missing, are tossed away […]

Data Shredding Services Houston Can Help with Your Clean-Desk Policy

In a typical Houston office, office desks are flooded with sensitive papers regarding customers and/or employees. A clean desk policy ensures that confidential documents remain protected and secure when employees leave their desk for a break or for the day. Whether it’s internal protection or protection from visitors coming to your office, anyone that passes […]