Eight Questions to Consider When Choosing Shredding Services in Houston

Having your office be taken over by paperwork is not something that is good for your business. Oftentimes, having papers and files strewn all over the place means that you will have to sort through those when you are trying to find specific forms and information. One option that you have for getting the paperwork […]

4 Common Causes of Indentity Theft

Identity theft can often feel more personal than a theft to your home. It can be detrimental to your assets. The theft of your personal information can allow thieves to apply for jobs, credit cards and purchase products in your name without your consent. Knowing how to protect your sensitive information is the first step […]

Protect Your Brand with Product Destruction Services

If your Houston organization has old promotional product, recalled items, or merchandise that fails to meet company regulations, hiring a professional product destruction service for safe disposal is in your best interest. At Data Shredding Services in Houston, we’ll ensure your reputation is protected through our secure destruction process, which also follows strict guidelines that […]

Onsite Paper Shredding Services with Data Shredding Services Houston

  Is your Houston business seeking an outside source to handle your paper shredding? While destroying sensitive documents in-house is a positive step towards protecting sensitive information, it does not provide the same efficiency and security that our professionals can provide. At Data Shredding Services in Houston, we provide onsite mobile paper shredding solutions that ultimately […]

Make Filing your Taxes Easy and Safe

Tax Day in Houston is fast approaching and this can be an incredibly busy and stressful time of the year for most businesses in the area. Tuesday, April 15th is the last day to file your taxes and if you aren’t already drowning in old paperwork, bills and receipts, you should probably hurry before it’s […]

Leave Your Old Product to Data Shredding Services Houston

Is your workspace beginning to fill up with old, unwanted products? Whether it’s a promotional item that is no longer needed, product packaging, discontinued product or recalled product, this inventory begins to cause clutter, taking up valuable space in your office or business. This is where Data Shredding Services in Houston can help; our product […]

Participate in Data Privacy Day with Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. – Houston

As identity theft continues to increase across the United States, businesses in Texas can (and should) support “Data Privacy Day”. Are you wondering what a “Data Privacy Day” is? In an effort to increase awareness around data privacy and the importance of information security, this day was established. Specifically, Data Privacy Day is recognized on […]

Why a Certificate of Destruction is Important

If your Houston business is considering a document destruction program, chances are you have heard of the term Certificate of Destruction or COD. Are you familiar however with what it entails, and why it is a critical piece of documentation? A Certificate of Destruction provides written proof that your sensitive documents have in fact been […]

Data Shredding Services in Houston

Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker proclaimed July 31, 2012 as Data Shredding Services Day in Houston, Texas for Data Shredding Services commitment to the community and recognized DSS for its valuable partnership with the City of Houston through its monthly commitment to provided free secure, onsite document shredding and identity theft prevention information to Houstonians […]