Choose the right shredding services, Houston businesses!

Whether you’re shredding to stay in keeping with one of the numerous regulations in place to protect the data of consumers, patients, employees, and others, or shredding to protect vital internal data from corporate espionage, leaks, and other damaging events, choosing the right shredding services can mean the difference between easy, painless compliance and a massive headache. To make the best choice, you need to know your options, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and what your employees will find easiest to work with. Hopefully, this article can help you with each of those steps:


Shredding services to consider

Mobile shredding. Also known as on-site shredding. When you hire a company to do mobile shredding for your organization, you typically receive a set of secure containers which employees can place sensitive documents into until a scheduled or one-time shredding event. There’s no transportation involved: the shredding happens at your business. Your shredding service supplier will bring a truck with a mobile shredding machine to your location. At Data Shredding Houston, we’ll even carry the documents to the truck for you as you watch the destruction of your sensitive information.

Off-site shredding. Also known as plant shredding. Depending on the specifics of the service you’re looking at, you might prepare documents in advance using secure containers, much as you would for a mobile shredding service, which the company would then transport off-site to a secure location. Or, you might prepare and transport documents to the plant yourself, maintaining control of the documents until you pass them over at the plant.

Purges and cleanouts. Much less common than the other two, but highly valuable when you need it. Hire a firm for purges/cleanouts when you’re simply looking to thoroughly destroy every potentially compromising document in a location. This is excellent for moving offices, destroying hard copies after a migration to digital storage, or simple cleanup after a big project.

Comparing mobile to off-site shredding

Cost. Depending on the exact nature of your shredding needs, mobile shredding and off-site shredding can be very competitive in cost. Generally speaking, mobile shredding is more expensive, mostly because of the fuel required to power the shredding truck for however long it takes to get the job done. On the flip-side, many businesses value the money saved on arranging and completing their own transport to the plant. In the end, on-site and off-site cost come out to about the same.

Client responsibilities. Off-site shredding holds the advantage in terms of client responsibilities; generally, with an off-site shredding service, your employees simply discard their sensitive documents into special containers, which employees then haul away and transport to the shredding facility. Mobile shredding is roughly equivalent; you might need to be careful to keep more difficult-to-shred documents out, but you don’t have to worry about transportation, so it balances out.

Employee requirements. Compliance for employees can be made quite easy with either solution; containers in your office for sensitive documents, which are taken either when full or on schedule to mobile shredding trucks or for transportation to a plant. Either one results in a minimum of difficulty and disruption for your employees. A regular scheduled service can help with overall proper handling compliance among employees.

Security. From a security standpoint, both mobile and offsite shredding offer complete peace of mind, each in its own way.

Flexibility. Generally speaking, flexibility in services will depend more on what your service provider is willing to do than whether you’re looking at mobile or off-site shredding. You might see extra flexibility in storage options for either service, scheduling for either, transportation considerations for off-site shredding, or how much of the work is handled by the shredding firm if you’re having your shredding done on-site. Most firms will be willing to work with you to handle any special considerations or concerns within reason and practicality.

Destruction capabilities. As convenient as mobile shredding may be, there’s only so much power and convenience one can load into the back of a truck. Ultimately, the heaviest machinery and most versatile tools for document destruction are only available for off-site shredding services. This means that if you’re destroying unusual or particularly rugged documentation, you’re probably going to need to work with an off-site service to achieve satisfactory results. That’s not to say a mobile shredding machine isn’t up to an impressive amount of destruction, but there are inevitable speed and maximum capacity considerations when taking any process mobile.

A few final considerations

Overall, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all shredding service. Your exact needs may vary wildly depending on the volume of documents you need destroyed, which regulations you’re operating under, special corporate security protocols, and dozens of other factors. Even seemingly minor factors such as employee compliance rates and the ease with which you can move containers around your business may play a role in deciding which services are right for your needs.