Data Shredding Services Houston Can Help with Your Clean-Desk Policy

Clean-Desk Policy

In a typical Houston office, office desks are flooded with sensitive papers regarding customers and/or employees. A clean desk policy ensures that confidential documents remain protected and secure when employees leave their desk for a break or for the day. Whether it’s internal protection or protection from visitors coming to your office, anyone that passes by your desk may catch a glimpse of (or worse steal) information that is highly sensitive.

So what should your Houston office do? For starters, all desks should be free of lose papers including post-it notes and other documents that are not essential to have laying on your desk. You should also keep in mind that this pertains to electronic sensitive material as well; this information is just as important to secure.

A clean desk policy not only complies with state and federal information protection laws, it’s also the easiest way to maintain security over your information and eliminate the risks of data breach.

Here are 5 aspects of a clean desk policy for your Houston office:

  1. Write out all details pertaining to the clean desk policy into writing, and provide hard copies to all employees.
  2. Provide a thorough explanation of what is expected of your staff. For instance, when away from the desk, all sensitive information must be removed from the desk and placed in lockable filing cabinet/bins, and all computers should be password-protected.
  3. Incorporate it as part of your general work day; ask your employees to begin the morning by planning and gathering documents that are necessary for reference that day. If an employee has a meeting or break, do a quick once over to verify that all sensitive documents are put away and not scattered openly on the desk – always end your day with a clutter-free desk.
  4. For proper protection and better organization, your Houston workplace should have the proper tools to allow for a clean-desk policy; this includes lockable drawers and also lockable storage boxes so employees can secure sensitive documents that are no longer needed somewhere safe.
  5. Make it simple for employees to keep their desks free of confidential documents by hiring a trusted document destruction company in Houston.  At Data Shredding Services in Houston, we’ll supply you with locked collection consoles to place throughout your office as needed. Once bins are at capacity simply arrange a pick-up time to have your sensitive documents shred. At the end of the day, it is critical to remind your staff that sensitive documents should never be put into the garbage or recycling bin, as this poses a major security threat to your company.

Learn more about how to increase the security of information in your office with a clean desk policy.

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