Houston Document Shredding – Why a Shred-All Policy Makes Sense

houston shreddingSensitive documents flood every business in Houston, whether you’re a large corporation or a small family-owned business. Data is what keeps a company informed, organized, and successful. It’s essentially the lifeblood of every company! Because of the vital role it plays, the risk of lost or stolen information could lead to potential devastating effects for those involved, both from a financial and reputable standpoint.

What’s the best solution to ensure sensitive documents never go missing? Secure document shredding. Once documents have surpassed their lifecycle, or are simply not needed anymore it’s critical that your Houston Business practices smart disposal on a regular basis. How can your Houston company encourage participation in your document shredding program? Consider a Shred-All Policy for guaranteed security and compliance. In doing so, your documents will be 100% irrecoverable and you’ll be providing a helpful reminder to your employees.

Often, it can be difficult determining what files are deemed sensitive and which aren’t; with a Shred-All Policy there’s no need to worry about this decision making process, saving your employees time and hassle; and after all, time is money.

What are all the Benefits of a Shred-All Policy?

  • Strengthens information privacy and confidentiality
  • Simplifies document disposal for your entire team
  • Eliminates employee responsibility when it comes to determining what is confidential
  • Significantly reduces the risk of information breach
  • Contributes to compliance with Houston privacy regulations
  • Protects employee, customer and other business information
  • Prevents the risk of human error (over 40% of data breaches in business are due to human error).
  • 100 % environmentally-friendly (documents are securely shredded and then recycled).

Finally, a Shred-All Policy is easy when you hire a professional document shredding company to handle it. Data Shredding Services in Houston will provide your Houston business with secure, lockable collection containers, allowing you to store documents safely until they require shredding.

Save your business productivity and security breach risk with an environmentally friendly solution today. Contact us today for the most reliable and professional Houston Document Shredding Provider. Protect your confidential information and contribute to a more sustainable environment!

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