Make Filing your Taxes Easy and Safe

Paper Shredding HoustonTax Day in Houston is fast approaching and this can be an incredibly busy and stressful time of the year for most businesses in the area. Tuesday, April 15th is the last day to file your taxes and if you aren’t already drowning in old paperwork, bills and receipts, you should probably hurry before it’s too late.

The one big problem with this time of the year is identity thieves realize how busy we are and will take advantage of any mistake. After all, it’s extremely easy to lose or misplace an old file that contains confidential information, especially during tax season. They will often resort to dumpster diving to find what they need, and can use almost any personal detail to commit fraud.

Be Prepared This Year and Beyond – Many business owners in Houston and across the country agree that the most important step to take when it comes to filing your taxes is to be prepared. Being prepared means you need to organize your files all year long and not just when it comes to tax season. The better you organize yourself the easier the job will be.

Stay Organized – You probably already know that there are numerous forms that need to be filled out, especially if you run a business. This becomes even more complicated if you are jumping from document to document. An approach that is much more effective is by carefully filling out each form one by one. In taking your time, you will eliminate the chance of missing an important step along the way. After all, nobody wants an audit after working so hard to complete the process.

Don’t Stress if you make a Mistake – Great news… You’ve done all of the work, filled out every form and sent it off. The next day you find an envelope full of receipts or bills that you forgot to include. The key is not to stress!  The IRS is very understanding and you can always contact them if you have made an error or need to update something. It’s a fairly simple process and isn’t worth stressing over.

Use the IRS Website for your Forms – The IRS website can provide you with all of the forms you will need for personal or business taxes. It’s as simple as finding the form, downloading it, printing it and filling it out. Visit their website at

Utilize Paper Shredding – If you’ve thrown around the idea of using a paper shredding company in the past, tax season provides the perfect reason to start. It’s an ideal time for you to properly dispose of old documents or receipts that have been filling your home or office with clutter. Paper shredding also provides peace of mind because you know that it has been thoroughly destroyed, and will keep you in compliance.

If you follow the tips provided, your tax season will run more smoothly than ever. The best way to be prepared this year and next is by hiring a paper shredding company here in Houston like DSS. We can completely destroy all of your obsolete documents, helping to keep your business organized!  Call DSS in Houston to learn more!