Onsite Paper Shredding Services with Data Shredding Services Houston


Is your Houston business seeking an outside source to handle your paper shredding? While destroying sensitive documents in-house is a positive step towards protecting sensitive information, it does not provide the same efficiency and security that our professionals can provide.

At Data Shredding Services in Houston, we provide onsite mobile paper shredding solutions that ultimately keep your information secure

and keep your business in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Why should you consider on-site mobile paper shredding?    

It’s Simple:  There are no risks when documents are transported off your premises; our team will come directly to your place of business, saving you the time and hassle involved in doing this task yourself. We complete the shredding process in a matter of minutes right in your parking lot, with little interruption to your work day.

Cost-Efficient: When you work with DSS Houston for your paper shredding requirements, we ensure you receive the greatest value and service possible for your money. Our mobile shred trucks are designed with high-tech, industry leading components that allow us to shred your documents into tiny particles, a process that cannot be replicated with an office shredder. Our trucks are capable of shredding in minutes what might take your employee hours to shred with an office shredder. This task will cost you considerably, as it takes away from work productivity.

Lockable Shred Containers: DSS Houston will supply your business with appropriate shred containers specifically for storing your documents prior to shredding. Each container is lockable and only accessible with a compatible key to reduce any risk of tampering. Containers may be placed throughout your office as you see fit. All confidential material will remain secure until your scheduled pick-up.

Industry Leading EquipmentAt DSS Houston, we make it our top priority to ensure no one knows your business except for you. As part of our commitment to maintaining the security of your documents, our shredding technology is of the highest quality in the industry. Operated by trained and skilled professionals, our high-speed shred trucks are equipped with a video monitoring system, making it possible for our customers to view the entire shredding process from start to finish.

Witness the Shredding Firsthand: As stated, we allow, and in fact encourage your staff to watch your documents as they are shred. Witnessing our secure shredding process will in turn provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your information is 100% secure and completely destroyed.

Certificate of Destruction: Following every shred job, DSS Houston will present you with physical documentation of the paper destruction that took place. This certificate acts as reassurance that your sensitive documents have been shred in a secure manner as outlined under state privacy laws.

Proud Member of NAID: Dallas Shredding Services Houston practices strict security policies and procedures that have been put in place by the National Association for Information Destruction.


If you would like to learn more about our professional onsite paper shredding services, get in touch with a representative today. Data Shredding Services has provided individuals as well as corporations with paper shredding services in Houston since 2002.We are happy to work with you! Call (713) 463-9300