Protect Your Brand with Product Destruction Services

pile-of-shredded-paperIf your Houston organization has old promotional product, recalled items, or merchandise that fails to meet company regulations, hiring a professional product destruction service for safe disposal is in your best interest. At Data Shredding Services in Houston, we’ll ensure your reputation is protected through our secure destruction process, which also follows strict guidelines that result in environmentally-friendly disposal.

While it may seem harmless to rid of your unwanted product in a trash bin, this method of disposal leaves your Houston Company completely vulnerable to outside threats. Just as your business documents require secure disposal, so does your promotional and branded product; after all, this material represents a considerable part of your identity. Like most businesses, yours has probably worked very hard to build a specific stance in your industry, maintaining a positive reputation among your market; why risk damaging it? Any product mishaps could be damaging to your brand’s identity if it’s disposed of or handled improperly. Product Destruction offered by skilled specialists is the only method of disposal that guarantees your Houston business is safe from any possible liabilities.

When you hire Data Shredding Services to handle your product destruction, your business is safeguarded in the following ways:

  1. Financial protection, with secure shredding of credit cards
  2. Public safety, with faulty material or pharmaceutical products that have past their expiration date
  3. Brand, Investor & Copyright protection
  4. All items are recycled wherever possible
  5. A Certificate of Destruction is supplied to your business once destruction has been completed
  6. A full audit trail is obtainable for added assurance and security

Your company’s integrity, reputation and success may be on the line if you fail to destroy old or unwanted business product. Our product destruction equipment has been specifically designed to tear and destroy any type of product that requires 100% destruction prior to disposal. In fact, our industry leading shred equipment is capable of destroying up to 50 tons of product per day! As with our document shredding services, we encourage residents or businesses in Houston to witness the destruction process first-hand for peace of mind.

If you are in the Houston area, and are looking for a reliable means of product disposal, Data Shredding Services in Houston will provide you with NAID Certified product destruction solutions you can trust. When it comes to your reputation, don’t risk jeopardizing it. Our destruction options are quick, cost-effective, and most importantly, 100% secure. We’ve been supplying product destruction services to businesses throughout Houston for over 10 years. Drop your old product off, or arrange a scheduled service date, and we’ll come to your location to look after you; whatever option is most convenient for your Houston business. You can rest assured that the product you dispose of will stay untouched and entirely unrecoverable.

Product destruction is growing, and so are our service areas! We offer product destruction to businesses and residents throughout Houston and nearby locations.  Contact our specialists today to discuss further details surrounding our product destruction services. Call (713) 463-9300 in Houston.