The Advantages of Secure Offsite Record Storage in Houston

Record Storage

If your business is like the majority of Houston businesses, chances are you circulate and store a remarkably high volume of paper on a daily basis. What’s the concern here? The information you keep stored away in filing cabinets and employee desks is generally comprised of private data.  If files go missing, are tossed away mistakenly or worse, ruined by a flood/fire, unless you’ve backed up your files, your Houston organization could be in serious trouble; after all, information is the blood of your business.

Data Shredding Services in Houston offers residents and businesses effective record storage solutions, where the security of your information is never in question. Partnering with us means you gain valuable office space back, as well as a more organized and clutter-free working environment. Your Houston organization can feel confident in knowing that your critical documents are safe in the hands of professionals. Should you require access or the retrieval of particular records, you may do so at your convenience.

Why Consider DSS Houston for secure record storage? Here are 3 Advantages:


Find Records Quickly and Hassle-Free

Consider the time wasted by your employees searching for old files that are tucked away. It can be challenging and aggravating searching for archived records that are nowhere to be seen, right? You can probably remember scenarios where internal emails were sent within your office inquiring about an important document, only to discover it was mistakenly tossed away. In any situation, when you’re in need of a critical business record and it’s a time sensitive matter, you may be at a considerable disadvantage relative to your competition. Should it relate to a contract or customer quote, the wait may be enough to steer your client in your competitor’s direction.

Data Shredding Services of Houston supplies record storage services that make locating your records easy and quick. In fact, our customers can simply call us to view, manage, or retrieve their documents whenever they wish. Don’t waste employee hours spent searching through endless documents; consider offsite record storage as an alternative cost-effective solution.

Keeps Your Houston Business in Compliance  

Your business information is extremely important to your success. Without adequate security in place, your Houston organization could be found liable should files go missing and are later used to commit fraud. Without a reliable and secure means of record storage, it’s easy for any company in Houston to mistakenly misplace or toss away critical files. Regardless of your industry it’s crucial you are implementing document management processes that contribute to compliance with state privacy laws; these include secure storage and destruction of sensitive records.

Keep in mind that you are legally responsible for protecting information that’s deemed private. This includes files pertaining to your employees and customers, which if exposed to the wrong person could cause damage to your business and reputation. At Data Shredding Services in Houston, our document life cycle management programs will dictate when and what records should be stored, and which should be securely destroyed.

Recover from Flood or Fire

Sure, you might think it will never happen to you, but at the end of the day, no one can predict when natural disasters strike. Does your Houston business have a disaster recovery plan in place should a fire or flood occur? Everyone should be well prepared for the unknown. Documents that are archived onsite at your Houston location may not be as safe as you think.

Can you imagine losing your filing cabinets to a fire? It’s simply not worth the risk when you have secure options to take advantage of. Unfortunately if a fire or flood that hits your Houston business, it could result in years of recovery and in some cases, failure to recover from the loss all together.

With offsite secure record storage offered by Data Shredding Services, this worry can be forgotten about entirely. Our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, and is equipped with the necessary security features that exceed industry standards. Our record storage services have been designed to protect against fire, flood, theft, and any other potential disaster that could put your documents in danger. Contact us today for more information regarding our secure services. Call (713) 463-9300