Data Shredding Services FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It takes years to establish a strong company, but it only takes a few grave errors to make it fall to its knees. Today, you and your company can get compromised by the simple action of neglecting to destroy any data that can probably be exploited. This data can be in the form of client sheets and company correspondence. If you are not careful, these can easily fall into the wrong hands and end up being used against you. Shredding sensitive documents saves you this worry, for when your documents are destroyed, you are all but sure that you and your company are as secure as they can be.

Taking this question in mind, it is a very good idea to look carefully at the incentives you and the shredding company can have for these two options. Shredding companies benefit more when they charge per minute. This is because they are guaranteed pay regardless of how long they take to finish the job. Some companies would even utilize just one person per truck, since hiring more would reduce their profits. This, though it gets the job done, is not efficient and not preferable for the customer at all. Companies which charge by the pound do not have this incentive, since the pay they receive all depends on the amount of material they shred.

It is important to note that shredding and storing are two very different tasks. Though a lot of storage companies offer shredding services, a recent survey by the National Association for Information Destruction has found out that many of these companies lack the necessary equipment to properly destroy sensitive documents. Worse, some of them even resell the materials to recycling plants, making you, your company, and your confidential documents more vulnerable.

This option may be very cost-effective, but it is actually very risky. The irony of using your own employees, especially at the lower rungs of the company, to destroy your documents is the fact that they are likely knowledgeable about which materials contain sensitive information. This means that they can easily exploit them if they choose to. It is better to just not take this risk. When it comes to data destruction, the less a person knows about the documents, the better.

Though all documents end up in the recycling plant, the state that they arrive in there matters. If you take them directly to a recycling plant without getting shredded first, then you run the risk of exposing your data to the people in the recycling plant; employees who are not in any way or form bound by the confidentiality clauses of workers from shredding companies. It is important to remember that once documents are endorsed to a recycling company, you are actually waiving your right as to how they should be handled.

We can handle all your data shredding needs in the state of Texas. Don’t worry about your out-of-state offices though, since we have very good connections in our field of business. In the event that DSS cannot serve your offices in other states, we would gladly coordinate with other reputable and competent data shredding companies so that they can handle the shredding needs of your other offices.

In the years that we have been in business, we have proven that we take care of our clients very well. In the event that you do not have any secure containers to store your sensitive documents, we would gladly provide you with one that suits your office’s needs. We have various containers that we provide, for free! Give us a call and let’s figure out which one would be perfect for your office.

We are perfectly fine if you wish to avail of a one-time, bulk shredding service. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a date for your shredding tasks. You also have the option to avail of mobile, on-site shredding or off-site shredding, depending on your preference.

We value the environment; thus, all shredded materials are sent to a paper mill to be recycled. As stated above, this is very different from taking the documents directly to a recycling plant. You can rest assure with the fact that the documents are already shredded at this point, so there is no risk on your part anymore.

It may seem that you need to remove these materials from the documents, but don’t worry. We at Data Shredding Services Texas Inc. use state-of-the-art equipment for our shredding services, both for our mobile and off-site shredding. With equipment such as this, staples and paper clips don’t matter.

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