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Secure storage and destruction of documents

NAID AAA Certification

No minimum or maximum shredding volume

Q: How does a Houston shredding process work?

When you request document shredding services for you home or business in the Houston area, you have the choice of our on-site mobile shredding service, which is great for projects that must be performed under your supervision, or with our off-site shredding service, which is great for large volume customers, which involves picking up your documents and shredding them at our NAID “AAA” Certified facility.
For both methods your documents will be handled by our trusted employees who are:

  • Background tested
  • Drug screened
  • Uniformed
  • Thoroughly trained in the handling of confidential information

Once at our secure facility or on-site in one of our mobile shredding units, your documents will be destroyed completely in accordance with the rigid standards set by the National Association for Information Destruction, from which our company has earned “AAA Certification” for proper disposal of sensitive documents, data, and other materials.
Once destroyed, the remnants of your shredded documents will be stored in our secure facility until the material is sent to a paper mill for the final stage in the recycling process such as pulping. Data Shredding Services maintains strict contracts with each of our recycling partners that ensure your material will be not be used for purposes such as material packaging, or animal bedding.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of paper I need to have?

There is no minimum amount of material that is required for our services, and we accept jobs of any size, from a single box to several thousand boxes of documents. Regardless of how much material you have to destroy, our service offers the following:

  • Secure removal and destruction of your sensitive documents
  • Safe storage of shredded material until disposal
  • Secure recycling of all materials
  • Full compliance with all NAID AAA Certification standards

We provide shredding services for both residential and commercial customers, and we can provide security containers and other supplies to help you to collect and dispose of all the documents you plan to destroy. Whether you need periodic shredding services, or one time services due to a relocation, downsizing or any other event, our team can help.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of paper your company can handle?

Our service can handle any volume of documents you need destroyed from a few dozen file boxes to a warehouse full of old documents. We can provide a mobile shredder to destroy your documents on site or we can send a truck (or a few) to pick up your documents and destroy them off-site at our facilities.
In either case your documents will be:

  • Fully secure from initial pickup, through final destruction and disposal
  • Handled by fully-trained, background tested and drug-screened uniformed employees
  • Destroyed in accordance with NAID standards

Our facilities are designed from the ground up to handle your confidential information properly by destroying it completely, and securely. We offer many other services in addition to document destruction, including secure document storage, hard drive destruction, and document purge and clean out services.

Ways to prepare your office for a Houston shredding event

A professional Houston shredding service is fully equipped with industrial shredders that are operated by a team of professionals to ensure your information is protected and appropriately destroyed.

Our shredding company offers complete and guaranteed destruction of all your critical information, including paper documents, laminated documents, hard drives, CDS, and more. Plus, with every item destroyed, your company will receive a certificate of destruction to prove destruction to your customers, employees, and pertinent regulatory organizations

Data Shredding Services goes beyond simple paper document destruction to offer a line of services that promises the secure destruction of your hard drives. Not sure why that’s important? Here are 3 ways properly destroying your hard drive can benefit your business:

It makes your data unrecoverable: 
Criminals are adept at retrieving sensitive data on erased or damaged hard drives. Often times, they’ll loot your trash in search of pertinent information that they can use to steal the identities of your employees and customers.

It Helps Avoid Costly Fines:
There are now a myriad of regulatory bodies who will enact hefty fines on companies unable to properly dispose of their data. Their purpose is to protect the consumer, but recurring fines can severely hurt your business. Professional shredding companies like ours give you all the proper documents proving destruction when we shred your hard drives.

It Frees Up Office Space:  
Many of our first time customers have entire rooms dedicated to old hard drives and other outdated technological components. Often because they know there are risks in throwing the equipment away, but they don’t know what else to do with the dated drives because properly destroying it without a specialized machine can be a nightmare. Well, we’re here to take care of it; quickly and cost-effectively with our high-security data destruction machines which will reclaim your office space in no time.

Many small businesses struggle with whether or not to hire a Houston shredding company. While choosing in-house paper shredding might seem to be the most economical choice in the short-term, a personal paper shredder can have expensive consequence that ultimately outweigh superficial benefits.

Here are some of the following mistakes common with in-house paper shredding:

Poor shredder maintenance:  Most machines need regular maintenance and must be continually emptied, its contents disposed to prevent build-up. In most cases, general office employees aren’t aware of the regular maintenance requirements of shredding equipment and it frequently falls into disrepair, which necessitates replacement.

Improper shredding of non-traditional materials:  It isn’t just paper that needs to be shredded nowadays. Hard drives, CDs, and other such materials that carry sensitive information should all be appropriately destroyed. Most office shredders aren’t capable of handling such materials, or lead to jams and damages that can negatively impact a business’s shredding schedule.

Over-Shredding:  Professional Houston shredding companies use high-grade shredders that are designed to handle continuous, large volume shredding. These machines are much different than common in-house shredders that, without special thermally-protected motors, will breakdown with overuse or shredding irregular materials.

In the end, if your business is in need of regular shredding, save yourself in time, money, and effort by hiring a Housing shredding professional.

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The key point to remember for both you and your office team is that once a document, CD, or other item gets shredded, it’s destroyed. It cannot be put together. Begin your paper preparations by instructing the office to check their document dates. Everything slated for shredding needs to be past it’s retention schedule. The most efficient way of doing this is to stamp a retention date on every document and media device when it’s put into storage. This can also be done by sorting them by boxes for easier access.

Houston shredding companies are very effective at their job. Mobile shredding trucks can destroy paper and even hard media much faster than you might expect. It’s almost always the case that the collection of office documents and other items is the slowest part of the process. Your office can prepare for this by sending out reminders and ensuring all items to-be-destroyed are collected into one location before the shredding personnel arrives.

And that’s it! Once all of the items have been gathered and the truck has arrived, the shredding service will take care of the rest. Their trained personnel will move the appropriate boxes, documents, and media to the truck for prompt and secure shredding. There’s no need to remove staples, clips, and other materials as modern industrial shredders can take it all without so much of a hiccup. Just another one of the big benefits of shredding events.

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When you do the necessary prep work for delivering documents to a Houston shredding event, you ensure that everything goes off without a single hitch, fuss, mess, or headache. Make sure you take these three tips to heart as you ready your office for a day of data destruction:

Make sure everyone knows what they need to know

Communication will make your shredding go far, far easier. If you’re working with a bigger office, make sure to break reminders up for better impact; a company-wide announcement, then various announcements from managers on down the ladder. Communicate clearly, and make sure there’s no room for confusion about schedules, security, or anything else.

Be thorough

While a shredding event is an excellent opportunity for your business, it can lead employees to become complacent about security. Make sure everyone does a thorough job of getting documents ready for shredding, including tracking down the myriad stray documents no doubt floating about your office. Mistakes with sensitive information become more likely if you do an incomplete job of shredding—after all, it becomes very tempting for an employee to just toss a document in a trash can if they find it the day right after the big shredding event.

Box in advance

When you have people rushing around on the day of the shredding event trying to get documents ready for transportation, mistakes get made. Do things slowly and steadily in the days leading up to the event, so nothing’s forgotten on a shelf, in a bin, or tucked away in a box somewhere.

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As your scheduled shredding day gets closer, you should consult with your legal team to verify which documents can be safely destroyed and which must be kept. You should update your document retention and destruction policy, if necessary, and discuss the policy with your employees prior to selecting documents for disposal.

Please make sure that you have clearly identified which of your documents will be destroyed prior to our arrival. If we are shredding your documents on-site with one of our mobile shredding units, and the information we are destroying is contained in your boxes you will need to make arrangements to discard your empty boxes after we have securely shredded your material; unless, other specific arrangements have been made with our company prior to our arrival.


” With the mobile shredding service we were able to efficiently get rid of over 7 years of ancient paperwork that we no longer needed. Thanks for the reclaimed space! “

Tim B.

” With our type of business, we need old business records destroyed on a bi-weekly basis or they would fill our offices quickly. You guys have made the process so easy and automatic for us. “

Sharon R.