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Staff is certified and background-checked

NAID AAA Certified

98 percent of material is recycled

Q: What types of paper shredding in Houston do you offer?

Our Houston location offers a several different paper shredding services, ranging from basic off-site shredding to mobile shredding or even document storage. We will work with your business to determine your document destruction requirements and help you to implement a thorough disposal plan. Our full range of services includes:

  • Mobile on-site shredding at your location
  • Off-site shredding at our location with scheduled pickups
  • File boxes, document purges and clean-out services
  • Scheduled shredding services on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Residential shredding services
  • Product destruction and disposal
  • Off-site, safe and secure document storage

All our services are performed by fully trained staff that have received a thorough background check and appropriate certifications. Our staff will make sure that your confidential information is protected during every step of the process, eliminating the risk of information leaks, identity theft or intellectual property theft.

Q: What’s the advantage of using a service vs. using a small personal shredder?

Many organizations start off shredding sensitive documents themselves, but as the volume of paperwork increases, the shredding and secure disposal of documents can become burdensome and time-consuming. By contracting with a third party to complete the task, you can free up time that your employees would normally spend shredding, allowing them to do more productive work, and you also create a paper trail of the document destruction process, should it be needed later for an official inquiry or for legal proceedings.
Here are some of the other advantages of using our document shredding services:

  • Document destruction and disposal is performed by an NAID “AAA-Certified” document destruction organization, with a Certificate of Destruction supplied for official records
  • Office shredder is no longer required, eliminating maintenance costs
  • No employee time or wages are devoted to shredding
  • No bulky material to dispose of, or extra disposal costs
  • Costs less than shredder maintenance and operation
  • Handy document containers provided
  • Secure and reliable service at a great cost
  • All employees are subject to background checks and drug screenings, and must be uniformed
  • Confidential information is secure and protected at all times

When compared to personal shredders, our document shredding services are much more secure, less costly, and more convenient.

Q: Will my paper be recycled?

At Data Shredding Services, we are fully dedicated to recycling, and over 98 percent of the paper documents that we process (more than 400 tons a month!) is recycled. For each ton of paper recycled, we are saving 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and over 4000 kilowatts of electricity, while reducing air pollution by over 60 pounds.

Discarded paper products make up over 40 percent of landfill space nationally, and each and every office worker discards an average of 10,000 sheets of paper a year. By using our services, not only is your business protecting its vital information and preventing the theft on sensitive customer information, it is also helping to remove a significant amount of paper products from the waste stream. This helps to protect our environment and to conserve our natural resources for future generations.

What happens to my documents when I take them to a paper shredding service in Houston?

Are your business’s documents piling up faster than you can manage? We’ve seen many businesses stuff entire rooms full of boxes containing sensitive information documents, such as old tax returns and employee health information. Thess are documents that need to be destroyed, but how do you choose which paper shredding company in Houston is best for that destruction?


NAID Certification.  NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification ensures that the paper shredding company you’re working with has undergone stringent examination by a third-party and has proven itself to be well-equipped at handling the safe destruction of documents.


On-site shredding.  It’s not always feasible for a company to box and transport all of their sensitive documents to a remote shredding location and watch their destruction. That’s why it’s important to choose a service that will provide fine shredding at your location where you can watch your sensitive documents be completely and thoroughly destroyed in front of you.


Electronic destruction capabilities.  Today’s digital world has lead to many companies storing and transferring much of their sensitive financial, identifying, and health information via computers. Hard drives and discs containing outdated copies of this information will also need to be destroyed when hiring a shredding service. While most modern shredding services will offer this, it’s best to double check before hiring a company.

Being green and environmental-consciousness has become part of the daily lexicon for businesses, consumers, and even governmental and other regulatory officials. There are a variety of ways a business can implement environmentally-friendly practices. One of the easier ones being with a paper shredding service in Houston.

Reduce the Need for Excessive Deforestation:

Using a paper shredding company in Houston to shred and then recycle your wasted paper helps reduce the demand on wood resources. Document shredding companies like ours naturally recycle thousands of pounds of paper every month. This recycled paper can be used to manufacture other paper resources or items like Styrofoam.

While we do recycle much of the paper that comes through our processing plant, for extremely sensitive documents, (HIPAA-protected) we send them onto an incinerator to ensure complete destruction.

Plus, the Economical Benefits for the Environment:

Producing paper has expensive side-costs in addition to the toll it plays in deforestation. There are fuel and transport costs, chemical costs in the processing plants, and others, all of which have their own financial and environmental burdens. By shredding and then recycling the bulk of your documents, your company is reducing the overall damage the paper production industry causes.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what happens to your documents when you take them to our shredding service:

Load it in.  You can bring in any type of document you want destroyed. Don’t worry about removing staples or paper clips; our state-of-the-art shredders are equipped to cut through such small pieces of metal. You can even bring in non-paper items like hard drives and CDs to be promptly destroyed. Just pull up to the facility and an employee will help you carry the boxed material in to be shredded.

Our trusted staff will properly secure and utilize the shredding equipment.  We use stringent security procedures and employee screening to ensure that your confidential information will never get into the wrong hands. These trusted and experienced staff members will load your documents onto the necessary conveyor belts to be destroyed. Our modern equipment can cut through 8,000 to 12,000 pounds of paper every hour.

The shredded remains will be stored onsite.  Once shredded, your documents will be mixed with the remains of thousands of other shredded documents and media until we’ve collected an appropriate amount.

Ultimately, your shredded documents will be 100% destroyed.  Once we’ve filled our storage capabilities, our employees will transport the material to a safe and accredited recycling facility where it undergoes complete destruction through a process like incineration or smelting.

Published by  Data Shredding Services

At the end of their use, critical documents and media items needs to be securely and properly destroyed for the protection of your business, clients, and staff members. Taking such paper materials to a paper shredding service in Houston is the best way of doing so, but are you curious about how such a service works?

Here’s what you should know about what happens to your documents when you bring them to a Houston paper shredding plant like Data Shredding Services:

  1. Staff members will help you unload your vehicle of the boxed documents you’ve brought. If your documents are highly sensitive, we will also offer lockable containers for you to take to your office, pack with said sensitive documents, and return them to us for shredding. Through such a process we can guarantee that your files will never be compromised.
  2. In our offsite shredding facility, your documents will be loaded onto a conveyor belt and promptly destroyed. With our upgraded equipment, we can shred between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds of paper every hour. Your sensitive documents will be completely destroyed in this process.
  3. The shredded remains will be stored in our secured warehouse until a set amount is collected. We enact a Closed Loop Destruction Process whereby your shredded documents mix with thousands of pounds of other shredded documents from elsewhere as an extended fail-safe.
  4. The boxes of shredded documents will then be transported to a safe and accredited recycling facility with which our shredding service has strict written agreements requiring disposal through complete destruction in processes such as incineration and smelting.

Published by Data Shredding Services
When you submit your documents to a paper shredding service in Houston, either at your own offices (courtesy of a mobile shredding team) or at the company’s facility, the process to keep your documents secure, destroy them, and render them completely irrecoverable, begins right away.

Secure control The shredding company takes possession of your documents either via mobile arrangement at your office, or via delivery to its facility, while maintaining them securely and privately according to the strictest standards of privacy. Be sure to select a service provider who adheres to the strict standards of the National Association for Information Destruction.

Thorough destruction Before anyone else takes control of your documents’ remnants, they are rendered irrecoverable via a thorough shredding process. Paper clips and staples won’t cause any trouble for shredding systems, meaning no one’s going to see something they shouldn’t while manually removing bindings.

Recycling After your documents are shredded, they are 100% impossible to reassemble and subsequently recycled. This is far safer than sending your documents directly to the recycling plant, where no security measures exist to maintain your privacy.

Published by Data Shredding Services

When you take documents to a paper shredding service in Houston, or have that service come to you, there’s a set procedure in place to make sure the privacy and confidentiality of all documents remains intact and absolute until they can be destroyed.

Once your documents have passed over to the shredding service, they’re handled carefully according to the standards of the National Association for Information Destruction, a leading authority on document destruction, consumer and corporate privacy, and the technologies and methodologies involved.

It’s worth noting that the association’s surveys have indicated that many storage companies’ shredding departments and in-house document destruction efforts both fail in any number of areas, resulting in reduced security. At Data Shredding Services in Houston, however, we place great emphasis on complying with NAID standards.

Once your documents are destroyed, the remaining materials are generally shipped to a paper recycling facility to be processed and reused for other purposes. While some companies may wish to skip directly to this step, doing so puts important documents and information in the hands of any number of un-vetted individuals, and thus isn’t recommended. Reputable shredding services, on the other hand, will deliver documents in such a form that they can’t possibly compromise the privacy of your company, your employees, or your customers.


” With our firm expanding and taking on nearly double the previous amount of work, we needed a more secure way to handle our discarded documents. Data Shredding Services came through. “

Darlene S.

” Couldn’t be happier with your service! We can trust that our documents will be handled properly and securely. Much easier than shredding them ourselves! “

Charles L.